Final Settlement Stipulation (FSS)

This page features the Final Settlement Stipulation  (FSS) and includes links to various documents associated with the FSS.  Follow the link to view the document.

What is the Final Settlement Stipulation?  The States of Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado entered into the agreement on December 15, 2002 to resolve the litigation in the United States Supreme Court regarding the Republican River Compact.  As a result the States agreed that all claims against each other with respect to activities or conditions occurring before December 15, 2002 were waived and dismissed.  The FSS consists of the Stipulation as well as appendices A through J.  The entire set of documents were originally produced in 5 volumes.

Below are the appendices to the FSS and links to associated documents:

Appendix A – Proposed Consent Judgment

Appendix B – Final Settlement Stipulation Implementation Schedule

Appendix C Accounting Procedures and Reporting Requirements dated December 15, 2002.  The Procedures were recently revised August 21, 2020, at a special meeting of the Compact Administration.

Appendix D – Maps -Follow the links below for maps of Upstream of Guide Rock, Nebraska and Moratorium Exception Areas

  • Appendix D1 – Moratorium on Groundwater Well Development (map)
  • Appendix D2 – Moratorium on Groundwater Well Development (map)
  • Appendix D3 – Moratorium on Groundwater Well Development (map)

Appendix E – Follow the links below for Nebraska Laws, Rules and Regulations Regarding Prohibition on Well Construction

  • Appendix E1 – Nebraska Laws
  • Appendix E2 -Regulations Governing the Administration of the Resources Development Fund
  • Appendix E3 – Rules and Regulations for Groundwater Control of the Upper Republican Natural  Resource District Management Area Order No.25

Appendix F – Nebraska Calculation of Historic Consumptive Use

Appendix G – Kansas Laws, Rules and Regulations re: Prohibition on Well Construction

Appendix H – Follow the links below for Colorado Laws, Rules and Regulations Regarding Prohibition on Well Construction

  • Appendix H1 – Rules Of Procedure For All Adjudicatory Hearings
  • Appendix H2 – Designated Ground Water Colorado Revised Statutes
  • Appendix H3 – Colorado Ground Water Commission Policy, Memorandum 95-3 (April 8, 1998)
  • Appendix H4– Rules For Small Capacity Well Permits In Designated Ground Water Basins
  • Appendix H5 – Office Of The State Engineer Policy Memorandum 94-4 (October 13, 1994)
  • Appendix H6 -State Of Colorado Ground Water Commission Rules And Regulations For The Management And Control Of Designated Gound Water

Appendix I – Confidentiality Agreement

Appendix J – Follow the links below for RRCA Groundwater Model Materials

  • Appendix J1 – Status of Agreement On RRCA Ground Water Model As Of November 15, 2002
  • Appendix J2 – RRCA Ground Water Model Domain (Map)
  • Appendix J3 – RRCA Gound Water Model Baseflow (Spreadsheet)

Appendix K – Harlan County Lake Operation Consensus Plan

Appendix L – Implementation of Additional Water Administration

Appendix M – Alternative Water-Short Year Administration