Reference Materials

This page features a collection of reference materials relating to the Republican River Compact and the Republican River Compact Administration.

RRCA Annual Meetings recorded on Zoom session and available on YouTube

RRCA Annual Reports  The Compact Administration is tasked with preparing an annual report that includes the official actions taken by the RRCA at the annual meeting and any special meetings, a summary of the compact accounting for the previous year and any other appropriate matters such as Engineering Committee reports. The current annual report is available below:

RRCA Engineering Committee – Below are links to the most recent Engineering Committee (EC) reports that feature EC minutes, assignments and work in progress.

See Compact Accounting and data exchanges for RRCA Compact Accounting information and accounting-related resolutions.

Republican River Compact (1943) The Republican River Compact was negotiated during the 1940s with participation by the states of Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska and a representative of the president of the United States.  The compact was formally signed on December 31, 1942.

Final Settlement Stipulation (December 2002).  The Final Settlement Stipulation (FSS) was the result of a collaborative effort among the States to end the 1998 litigation before the Supreme Court of the United States of America. More information can be found on the FSS page of this website.

RRCA Accounting Procedures (August 21, 2020) The purpose of the Accounting Procedures and Reporting Requirements is to describe the definitions, procedures, basic formulas, specific formulas, and data requirements and reporting formats to be used by the RRCA to compute the Virgin Water Supply, Computed Water Supply, Allocations, Imported Water Supply Credit and Computed Beneficial Consumptive Use.  The computations are used to determine supply, allocations, use and compliance with the Compact according to the Final Settlement Stipulation.

RRCA Accounting Procedures Tracking Document – The purpose of the tracking document is to provide a general summary of relevant RRCA approved changes to the Accounting Procedures and Groundwater Model Versions through time.  The file was updated on August 31st, 2023 at the RRCA annual meeting. 

RRCA Rules and Regulations (August 21, 2020) The Rules and Regulations describe the duties of the Compact Administration and its members; such as annual meetings and reports, meeting notice requirements, establishment of the Engineering Committee, as well as the process for keeping track of the current versions of the Accounting Procedures & Reporting Requirements and the groundwater model.

RRCA Conservation Committee (2014) Republican River Basin Study on the Impacts of Non-Federal Reservoirs and Land Terracing on Basin Water Supplies.  The Conservation Committee was created as part of the Final Settlement Stipulation’s requirement to develop a study plan to determine the quantitative effects of Non-Federal Reservoirs and land terracing practices on water supplies in the Republican River Basin above Hardy, Nebraska.  See the executive summary of the report for a description of the study.

WaterSMART Republican River Basin Study (March 2016) The overall purpose of this Basin Study was to identify and help address current and future water supply and management challenges in the Republican River Basin, while also providing a mechanism that allows Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas to coordinate with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation using basin-wide modeling tools that quantify supplies and demands and consider impacts of climate change on overall system reliability.

Historic agreements were reached at the 56th annual meeting of the RRCA held on August 24th, 2016.  After more than two years of negotiations among the States, the RRCA approved two resolutions on August 24 establishing long-term agreements among Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska related to Colorado’s and Nebraska’s compliance activities in the Republican River basin.  Follow the links below to view the Colorado Compliance Pipeline (CCP) and Harlan County Lake agreement.  Also posted is a 2017 resolution approving accounting changes relating to the two long-term agreements.